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Minature servos

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DAGU now has minature servos available. The specifications are:

Weight: 8g
Torque: 1.5Kg / cm @ 4.8V
Speed: 0.1 sec / 60 degrees
Max voltage: 6V
Travel: 180 degrees

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can you or someone else post a link?

I tried google dagu.. didn't help

Go on Claudia's profile, the links are there!

But anyway, i think that for the offers on LMR, you have to directly email her.

That's cool because they're really cheap, that's just a shame that shipping costs $20... If for example i'd like to order 10 of them, shipping doubles the total amount, although it'll weight only 10% of the maximum weight...

 Is DHL the only solution? Because i could wait if it's a matter of time...

 (anyway, i do realize that even with the shipping, it's still a reeeaaally good bargain!!!)

$45 dollars for 5 brackets, bent pieces of meta is a little outrageous.

DHL shipping charges add a lot to the total order. So =much so that, I think twice before ordering from Claudia.

I routinely order electronic parts from Sure Electonics in China. In fact I justr ordered a three strip breadboard and wore for $18. Shipping was free!

The package arrived in 10 days and in fine shape. If I have to pay DHL shipping charges, it would not have been worth the price.

Claudia should inveestigate other shipping methods, or setting upo some distributers in the west.

Just to clear things up, you get 5 brackets and 5 servos for $45.00 (Ship Incl.). And I'm sure she's working on lowering the shipping costs, as it has already been stated that they need for them to be lowered. 

 This page is about servos anyway, not brackets.