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Wheels and motor - miniature, fast and funny

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i bought in to this deal - and it really is the most funny set of motor & wheel I have encountered so far:


Cool part is that they can also be used instead of a servo, and to swing drumsticks, and in little fast and light weight but strong robots

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These motors are great. Tiny, fast, and with a surprising amount of torque for the size.

I did have a problem with one of the 5 motors I ordered, though. I glued it to my robot, and then found that, although sometimes it works fine, sometimes it'll get stuck and won't return to center, and I have to manually force it back. I disconnected the power and it still gets stuck sometimes, so it's not a problem with my circuit. It seems to be a mechanical problem -- a flaw in one of the gears, maybe. Has that happened to anyone else?


I did never have any problems with these, on the contrary. I am amazed over the beating they take.

I just ordered another 10, so I hope they are not from a second (bad) production series ;)

I have only tested with 3.5V or below.

More info, CowGod's blog: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/365 

/ Fritsl

Someone find these cheaper somewhere, btw. Or get real regarding the price, Solarbotics!

We will order hundreds, thousands, if they are at a more fair price - these are extremely cool - unless you are TheCowGod, who kills them, aparently ;)

/ Fritsl

i have used this stuff too on my robot "Rodrigo" and now i am using those for the new thiny Solar rover

great performance/size ratio

but gearbox is a bit weak due to coupling tolerance inside the gearbox

sometimes internal gears tend to slide 

for my experience, but probabaly it was only a defective unit 

Because it's typically a servo, did you cut off the plastic rod to make the wheel fit?
It's hard to understand who you are asking :)

Directed towards you fritsl in general, but anyone could have answered. Do the plastic rods need to be cut off the motor so it could then be used in your Little 8 robot?

Yes! The pager motors are made to only turn some. In order to turn freely, thry must be adapted. It is just a small thing to do.

(Next time include a picture, or a little better describtion :) Both for you to get a better and faster response, but also for the next person searching the same info.)

What plastic rods need to be cut off, that is such a vague statement.