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Michael “morris4019” Morris

Member since: July 2009
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Location: Auburn, WA, USA

Originally an automotive machinist by trade. Going back to school for mechanical engineering, with an end result of robotics.

I was an avid poster on Parallax forums, but i think my beginner type questions are making me alienated from the crowd, posts don't get answered, people refuse to help. LetsMakeRobots seems like a more beginner friendly environment.


SITE: (Still Under Construction) http://www.morris-works.comxa.com
         All work done by me can be found on this site.... soon.

     UPDATE 7/18/2009: Morris Works (Link above) has been updated with my archived photos and projects. Check out my Symmet, "Hopper", "Sun Catcher", "EXPLORER", and Bread Board Voltage Regulator!