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Pushes Opponent out of the ring

My second scratch built robot.  I wanted to try and build a functional sumobot and this is what I came up with.  Its not the most complicated or finally engineered robot but more of a proof of concept.  It uses a PIC18f252 on a custom home made double sided pcb board. 


I got a little ambitious with this project and actually planned it all on Eagle and then built it without breadboarding anything.  I don't recommend this process as I had some hiccups as I tried turning it on for the first time.

 The first time it up none of the sensors worked.  After much head scratching and  even more swearing I finally figured out that my motors were to noisy. I solder a couple caps across the leads of the motors and problem 1 was solved, except the sensors were still acting wierd. Lots of troubleshooting later and I  finally have most things working with some really basic code and strategy.

So everything in the end worked out and I got it all working, but there are some improvements I would make next time, for example:


  • The GM2s have lots of torque but aren't very fast, next time faster motors
  • Having some line sensors on the back would be nice to know when it's getting pushed out of the ring
  • More PNA4602s or maybe a different opponent detection method
  • More batteries to the motors for overall power
  • Better body design, maybe lower or a wedge design
  • More modular and easier to disassemble to service and such


After all was said and done I have to chalk this one as a success and a good learning experience, now its on to bigger and better designs.  Here's some more pictures.


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nice! im building one right now, i could really use some help on the program, i posted the program. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8376

pvc-card & hot-glue rulez the world :)

neat design!


Very cool bot! DoYou have any video of it?