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Im very interested in PIC's but dont noe where to start :P im using the 16f690/16f680/16lf84a as these are what i have currently. Anyone could guide me as to what beginner kits i need and any tutorials that are good. I have looked at baseoverapex's tutorial. It not really clear. Hope you guys can help

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You will also need the PICkit2 program, .NET software, and the MPLAB IDE development environment.
i read it, so it can debug without buying any other components right?
YES. A DEFINITIVE YES. You are better off with a PIC from the 18F series, more power and not much more. If you do decide on the 18F series, go for a 1320 (18pin), 2525 (28) and a 4620 (40). All of those are powerhouses.
so can pickit2 starter debug or not? lol this is so damn confusing.  

Here is the PDF for the starter kit: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/51570a.pdf 

wait a min, i cant debug?

The Pickit 2 starter kit does not allow you to debug. 

I stand corrected. 

so, i will just buy the pickit starter and i will be able to program, have a development board and able to program with assembler. ok. i will get it, some how :(
i am still confused. what do you mean by built in chip? u mean i cant plug in my own chip into the pickit 2 starter chip?