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Cheaper shipping to LMR with members help

After problems shipping Mr. Basic world wide we decided to stick to DHL which is more reliable and has parcel tracking but is also more expensive, making small packages too expensive.

After reading Frits's blog about "Money to people with time" Jack wondered if DAGU could do something like this to reduce our shipping cost.

We are looking for a people who would be willing to accept a large shipment of parts and then redistribute using cheaper local mail to nearby members. These people would be offered a fee for their services.

If anyone is interested then please contact me so we can discuss this in more detail.

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At the moment we are still looking at what is the best way to offer LMR cheap parts. Edgee is opening an online store in the UK and will hopefully be able to offer LMR members a good price. I have been given the name of an online shop in America that has a good reputation. Perhaps we can simplify things by going through these shops. For now email your orders to me or Claudia and we will use the new courier service.

Because the new service works on the weight of the order. We will have to calculate each order individually so please do not ask us how much for shipping unless you are actually making an order.

how much would shipping for a mouse bot be or a mr basic? and hows the catepillar?

Because the shipping cost is based on the weight of the order including the box it is packed in we cannot tell you the exact price until the order is packed.

For example:
0.25Kg=$7.3 USD
0.50Kg=$11.4 USD

The caterpillar is nearly ready. We have been working on improving the quality of the antenna and eliminating the mercury tilt switches used in the original prototype.

We have found a new courier service and can now reduce our shipping cost while having the tracking number and security of registered mail. The shipping cost will vary depending on the weight.


Now that you have cheaper shipping, it may be time to post a list of parts availible to LMR memebers and the estimated shippping costs. 

I, for one, would like a shopping list to work from to place an order.


I will talk to Jack about it. While we do want to sell parts cheap to LMR members we must also consider our larger distributers. For example we cannot offer you Arexx parts directly as this would undermine Arexx.

Fair enough.  However, if you need to sell some undiscounted parts to LMR members, it would still help us round out our orders and make the most of the shipping.

Any way you shake it, thanks so much for getting the shipping cost down.  It's really nice that Dagu listens to what LMR has to say!

Wow that's great, thanks for finding a solution!!

Thank Michael, he found the new courier service :D


Thanks to both of you then! :)

So the idea of having one persone redistriute the items he receives is dead right?