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Cheaper shipping to LMR with members help

After problems shipping Mr. Basic world wide we decided to stick to DHL which is more reliable and has parcel tracking but is also more expensive, making small packages too expensive.

After reading Frits's blog about "Money to people with time" Jack wondered if DAGU could do something like this to reduce our shipping cost.

We are looking for a people who would be willing to accept a large shipment of parts and then redistribute using cheaper local mail to nearby members. These people would be offered a fee for their services.

If anyone is interested then please contact me so we can discuss this in more detail.

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At this point we are just trying to get products to LMR members as cheap as possible with good reliability. We do have some distributers in America and Europe already but they will charge you more.

If we want an estimate of who is interested in buying, as ericski suggests, I'll start.  I recommend you mention where you are located in addition to what you want.

I live in NJ, USA.  I would order:

(10) small servos

(1) Five-pack of the sensor mounts

We have found a new shipping service that is cheaper than DHL but still has a tracking number and arrives by registered mail. The price will vary according to the weight of your order but in this case for 10 servos and 1 pack of brackets. We can send that to you for $43 US inc. shipping.

Email me if you want to place this order.

Lets say I would like 10 servs + 10 brackets, how much would that be? And how is the payment done? Can I pay on delivery?

This is great!  Thank you!

As someone suggested, if we can get an up to date list of DAGU parts and prices, I may want to order in addition to the servos and brackets.

Thats pretty damn cheap!

you couldnt do it weekly because it wouldnt be a large enough order to pay for the shipping


why dont we set up a forum for each country and say 1 a month every one in that country orders somthing(if they want) and then find away to distribute it around

That would mean people would have to wait a month for their order. =/ But I think that would be effective, that's kind of how BatchPCB does their thing...