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Cheaper shipping to LMR with members help

After problems shipping Mr. Basic world wide we decided to stick to DHL which is more reliable and has parcel tracking but is also more expensive, making small packages too expensive.

After reading Frits's blog about "Money to people with time" Jack wondered if DAGU could do something like this to reduce our shipping cost.

We are looking for a people who would be willing to accept a large shipment of parts and then redistribute using cheaper local mail to nearby members. These people would be offered a fee for their services.

If anyone is interested then please contact me so we can discuss this in more detail.

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I don't think DAGU is trying to open a huge US warehouse. They are simply trying to sell some products to LMR users at a cheaper rate using as cheap of shipping as possible. If they opened a huge warehouse in the US and sold through it their distributers would get upset. They are simply trying to make it cheaper for LMR users not sell to a big audience. If they can't lower shipping I doubt they will bend over backwards to open a warehouse or even hire 1 person to run a store in the US or Europe.

Looking into Ebay fees, it looks like they get 8% for sales under $50.  If they decide you're actually in a different category, it would be 12%.  So selling stuff on Ebay looks to be a wash.  That is too close to the costing more to sell it than to buy it for my comfort.


So this begs the question, who is seriously interested in the products and at what quantities?  We're talking 80% confidence that you would purchase in the next 4-6 weeks.  If there is enough serious interest, I would do this. I would only ship to North America only, sorry.

Remember the sell price we recommended was for LMR members only. If you want to sell on Ebay to non LMR members then you may charge whatever price you want.

Jack has authorised me to offer a free gift for anyone who helps distribute our products.


This set of pocket scales is very light and fits easily into your shirt pocket. It comes with a soft carry case and can measure up to 500g with 0.1g resolution. (About 18 oz with 1/500 of an ounce resolution).

It has auto zero, auto power off, a blue backlit LCD touch screen and a count mode ideal for counting small components.

Great! Who doesn`t like free stuff?! I hope someone jumps on this offer.

I think they're trying to cover a bigger area, faster, cheaper..

I'm in a fairly good location, North West, Washington State. I get deliveries from USPS in 3 days no matter where it's sent in the US.

 I think it's a great idea, I'd be willing to lend a hand, just a little strapped as far as the money situation goes. I think Patrick has an.. okay idea..  But I think tallying up everyones orders for like.. a weeks time would be more problems than not in that situation.

I'm sure it's a bit of a stretch, but there is one Ebay store that really comes to mind for good prices / free shipping and craaaazy fast shipping.  I'm just not sure what it would take to get them and DAGU to consider it, but here's a webpage just in case. And I'll write to them and point them to this page, considering I buy from them almost every week.

http://stores.shop.ebay.com/FCB-Electronics-Peltier-LED-LCD-USA   Though, they ONLY ship to the US. So that would have to be a US-only.


how much is the shipping for like 50 servos from dagu any way?


ok what about this.

lets say i want 5 servos

and Ian_k wants 7

and CTC wants 4

and voodoobot wants 8

and Floyd wants 5

and  Dent wants 3


ok we all pay seperatly. Our stuff goes in one box. It is shipped to one of there houses and then they reship it to the others.

No one pays for all the stuff and everyone one is happy. so if the shipping is say $30 than each person pays like $5+shipping with in the USA like $4. so a total of $9 for shipping. More people the less amount for shipping. Unless the box gets bigger of course.

Everyone would have to live in the same country and order around the same time. This could happen right as they become available, but not likely a few weeks later. Also the extra delays would trigger “where is my stuff emails” to DAGU.

so if not this than what? So think its a good idea to buy the parts and stock them yourself?