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Cheaper shipping to LMR with members help

After problems shipping Mr. Basic world wide we decided to stick to DHL which is more reliable and has parcel tracking but is also more expensive, making small packages too expensive.

After reading Frits's blog about "Money to people with time" Jack wondered if DAGU could do something like this to reduce our shipping cost.

We are looking for a people who would be willing to accept a large shipment of parts and then redistribute using cheaper local mail to nearby members. These people would be offered a fee for their services.

If anyone is interested then please contact me so we can discuss this in more detail.

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I know what you mean and thought the same at first. My understanding of the problem is that the big distributers do sell some of DAGU's products if they can make a large enough profit.

The offer we are making to those interested is on a small scale and with a smaller percentage of profit to try offer LMR members the best price possible.

Anyone distributing for us can also sell these parts on Ebay or elsewhere at whatever price they want. So far we are limiting this trial run to servos and sensor mounting brackets both of which are small and light to minimise postage cost and storage space required.


The drop shipping is an intereting idea and has some definiite pluses. Let me share sme thoughts;

1. You will need at least 2 locations, USA and Europe to take advantage to "local" shipping. Problems with the postal system occur when crossing borders

2. For the rehipper, it is alot more work that it seems at first. Organizing, repackaging, labelling,  all take time.

3. You need a location for the inventory and all the packaging materials. 

4. If you have never done something similar, you will be surprised at the effort. It may be better to cut a deal with a small robot vendpor who already has  these systems in place and would like to make a few extra dollars 

5. The economies of scale come iinto play to keep the costs down, especially in packaging materals.

I don't know the detials but supposedly Amazon has a drop shipping program. One of my neighbors buys toys at the local Walmart and Target, resells them on Amazon and ships them to Amazon in bulk for reshipping to the customer.



I think location and import duty regulations is important when thinking about taking such a job. I'm not sure how it is for the rest of the guys in europe, but for me as a Norwegian citizen I have to pay 24% duty on things I import which costs more then $30.

Of course having one "warehouse" in europe, one in the US, is a great idea, as it makes this alot cheaper and faster for the final customer. 

I understand and agree that Europe will be trickier that America. This is only an idea at the moment. We are still trying to work out the details to see how practical it would be.
I'd suggest to call some distributers and see if they can give you an answer. I would guess that most RC and Robot suppliers in Europe import their stuff from china. So certainly isnt impossible.

Of course they import, but because of the taxes, they're more expensive... that's the point...

In Europe we do have the problem of duty, for small package that's usually not a problem (never had to pay taxes for my orders from China) but for greater values, there are pretty good chances that you have to pay taxes to get your stuff...(it happened to a friend who bought a bunch of those mini wireless camera from ebay. Not only he had to pay, but he had to wait more)

Just want to add that all my orders from China were sent by regular mail, and that i never had any problem at all, received everything, no extra tax.