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Hello, I look for an advice on the cards of programming for a future robot. I am going to build a "robot sumo" wrestling! But my problem it is because I do not arrive has to find a good card(map), I hesitate between some card(map) of programming as: PICAXE-28X1 or Cerebellum: http://botrics.com/products/cereb/ . I have the impression(printing) that it is the almost similar sound card but the picaxe in the air(sight) of credit note more memory(report)? Can you give him(it) advice(councils) to choose one maid card as my "robot sumo" wrestling? You can give me of the other card than mine if you think of finding better! Thank you very much beforehand.

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If you plan on using this site as a reference and learning tool, go with an Arduino or the Picaxe. I haven't seen anyone use the Cerebellum before, so I don't think you'll find a lot of information on that here.

OK I have looked at your proposition for the card: Arduino. This card has the cool air(sight). I can create a " robot sumo" with this card has your opinion? It shall be compatible? Thank you 

*Ps: The card is compatible for the PIC16F876 ?

"Sorry to tell you this, but the Cerebellum is not currently being stocked in preparation for a new product release later this summer. Please watch this space for news on that development effort."

No matter, It[the Cerebellum] looks to be a cool microcontroller. Lots of people know C so you'll get help with that. 

Do you know what kind of motor you plan to use on your robot - as this would be important concerning the kind of card i'd recommend. if the motor is to big for the H-bridge you'd have a problem with the Cerebellum chip.  With a controller like the Arduino you'd have to get all the parts for motor controll your self - and set it together. This gives you flexability, but makes things harder of course. 

 I think of using that as engine:  http://www.solarbotics.com/products/gm12a/. But I still hesitate because I shall like build  4 wheels in my robot sumo wrestling with a system of gearings!
Thoses are great geared motors. All you have to do is attack wheels because they're already geared.
Here is I bought the card Arduino, thank you for your help