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Propbot is based on Parallax propeller.

Open source, shematics and BOM and Code at: www.xtune.se
The robot has:

4 reflex sensors to follow lines.
1 socket for xbee radio module
2 H-bridges for motor control.
1 Buzzer.
1 HD44780 LCD socket. (LED backlight via N-ch MOSFET.)
1 FTDI FT232R (USB to Serial Port).
1 LM2623 (step-up DC-DC)
1 MAX1555 (a single-cell lithium-ion charger)
1 MCP3208 (8-Channel 12-Bit A / D Converters)
1 LED for power.
1 LED debug.
1 LED charging indicator
2 RC hobby servo contacts.

Read more and see video at: http://www.xtune.se/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=101&language=en

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If you build it yourself, it is not so expensive, bare PCB is $12.48

And the power source is one litium-polymer cell.

Nice robot, but I don't think anyone would buy it instead of a Pololu 3pi at less than half the cost. 


which is sad. Worked in IE though.
The video is only shown when the website is viewed with MSIE.  I can't see it in Chrome.

Video is here: http://www.xtune.se/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=80&language=en

 H-Bridge is SI9986, if you look at the schematics you see how the are hoked upp!

Good design. Where is the video on that page?

Cool, what is the power source for the robot. I use Prop and I have been having trouble matching power source to motors, but will get it eventually.

 Also, what H-Bridges is this using?

 Great job.