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Propbot is based on Parallax propeller.

Open source, shematics and BOM and Code at: www.xtune.se
The robot has:

4 reflex sensors to follow lines.
1 socket for xbee radio module
2 H-bridges for motor control.
1 Buzzer.
1 HD44780 LCD socket. (LED backlight via N-ch MOSFET.)
1 FTDI FT232R (USB to Serial Port).
1 LM2623 (step-up DC-DC)
1 MAX1555 (a single-cell lithium-ion charger)
1 MCP3208 (8-Channel 12-Bit A / D Converters)
1 LED for power.
1 LED debug.
1 LED charging indicator
2 RC hobby servo contacts.

Read more and see video at: http://www.xtune.se/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=101&language=en

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Cool, what is the power source for the robot. I use Prop and I have been having trouble matching power source to motors, but will get it eventually.

 Also, what H-Bridges is this using?

 Great job.

Good design. Where is the video on that page?

Video is here: http://www.xtune.se/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=80&language=en

 H-Bridge is SI9986, if you look at the schematics you see how the are hoked upp!

The video is only shown when the website is viewed with MSIE.  I can't see it in Chrome.
which is sad. Worked in IE though.

Nice robot, but I don't think anyone would buy it instead of a Pololu 3pi at less than half the cost. 


If you build it yourself, it is not so expensive, bare PCB is $12.48

And the power source is one litium-polymer cell.