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SG90 servos

After some seaching for an answer about the strength, durablity, quality, ect, of SG90 servos, I found this video.

Their other videos show more of the development process (a bit) but this video lets me see that the SG90 servos can hold their own.

Though they may not be ideal, I'm willing to sacrifice some quality for the great savings as long as they work like this.

edit: Then I found the second video.... 

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I've heard that these servos are generally pretty good but if you buy a dozen or so there's a pretty good chance that one will be bad. I think the manufacturer's quality control is a bit lax, or they just don't care (it's likely cheaper to replace the odd servo than to prevent the bad ones from getting through)(even cheaper than that to assume a customer won't bother fighting with em over a $4 servo).

The first vid is great, always loved hexa's...

the second vid is curious...I've seen similar issues when the servo is being constantly updated like with a ir  ranger. Maybe it's a bad servo?

Those videos are a good find. Interesting display of both the capabilities and the drawbacks of those cheap ass mini servos.