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3.3V Regulators Wanted

Anyone got any suggestions as to where I buy get free samples of 3.3V regulators, or where I can buy them cheaply? Does anyone have any they can give me or exchange for some of my crap?


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Our friends at Microchip (yes, the guys that brought us the PIC) has some. Go to microchip.com. In the products menu, choose Power Management and Linear regulators (or switching regulators or whatever it is you need)



After me spending the last 5 yeats advocating Microchip and their great products, I never thought of looking there for a regualtor.

MCP1825S-3302E/AB is exactly what I need. Regulated 3.3V low dropout 800mA and no external components required. Free samples available! YES!




and look for part number LM1117T-3.3. That seems to be what you're looking for, yes?

- Jimmy

That's precisely the component I'm looking for. Now, here's the thing. These lot of robbers want me to pay shipping! $8.19 for ONE tiny little chip.

How do they expect to sell thousands of their product when I go into mass production if they're not prepared to give me a few freebies up front?

These ones piss me off.

You do know that National's shippings go around the moon in a rocket prior to being sent to their destination, right? It's pretty damn expensive using all that rocket fuel!

Anyway I noticed they listed some alternatives when I tried to sample the LM1117T-3.3. These looked like adjustable regulators and samples were free of shipping charges. Did you have a look at those? Of course they probably need a couple of 1% tolerance resistors to be set to the correct output voltage.