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Next Robot?

Well I am not sure what to do for my next robot. I would love to build a UAV but it is very pricy like 500 dollars. I'm not quite sure what my other alternative would be but I would like an awesome new robot to build. Anyway, I'll do more research, even though I did a ton already and see what I should do next. So we will see I guess....


I've decided to make as small of obstacle avoider as I can. I will as I said earlier make it avoid obstacles on my desk and avoid falling off the edge. I will use an arduino mini (to patrick's credit), or another small board. It'll have a motor driver with tiny motors. My goal is for it to be no larger than a 2in. cube. Thanks for the help deciding!!

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I`m in a similar boat and my advice would be to look at some simple problems around the home/school/workplace that you could build a robot to address. 

  • autonomous vacuum cleaner?
  • a robot to carry your books and/or tools?
  • a rubbish bin that ties its own bag and drives it out to the curb on pickup day?
Trying to solve a problem gives you an actual goal to work towards.
these are not cool things. Come on do something cool and interesting. In all fun its called a romba and cart.

Well put Patrick. Although what would be cool and interesting in your mind. And before you even say it, UAV's are excluded!!

I find it amusing that you don't think those things are cool.....the fact that we actualy have the means to program a microchip to do our bidding is cool enough as it is....just doing something as simple as adding that to a roomba is even cooler....

I guess cool is all relative...  :D

I've been thinking about a swimming robot for my pool.  It could monitor the temperature and act as an alarm in case a child falls in.  Plus it could swim autonomously around the pool, and try to avoid getting sucked into the pool skimmer.

A (much) later advancement would measure and report on water chemestry (PH, chlorine, hardness, etc.).

That was actually an idea I seriously considered. I would love to have an autonomous pool robot, however, I'm not good with underwater robotics. Do you know of any good resources I could use or any places I could get started?
Well since you already have the gps and ardupilot why not a UGV. Alot cheaper i suppose. But you do have to make gps points go around things but thats no biggy

Wouldn't it be easier to stick a couple've ultrasonics and make it do it's own 3D mapping?

With GPS it already knows where its going so all it needs to do is figure out how to get there and thats more or less what

all the sensor gizmos we pay for are supposed to do.

You could do that, but wouldn't you still need sensors like the thermopile to keep it stable?

Isn't it also ridiculously hard to write a code for a mapping robot?