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Next Robot?

Well I am not sure what to do for my next robot. I would love to build a UAV but it is very pricy like 500 dollars. I'm not quite sure what my other alternative would be but I would like an awesome new robot to build. Anyway, I'll do more research, even though I did a ton already and see what I should do next. So we will see I guess....


I've decided to make as small of obstacle avoider as I can. I will as I said earlier make it avoid obstacles on my desk and avoid falling off the edge. I will use an arduino mini (to patrick's credit), or another small board. It'll have a motor driver with tiny motors. My goal is for it to be no larger than a 2in. cube. Thanks for the help deciding!!

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Well put Patrick. Although what would be cool and interesting in your mind. And before you even say it, UAV's are excluded!!