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Botty 3 Updated

ATM it only wanders around avoids objects with it's IR
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Botty 3!


* 16x2 Serial LCD
* Two Sharp-IRs
* Temp Sensor & Light Sensor
* Driving light, turns on when low light

3 Buttons for menu on lcd screen.


Built on the RP5 tracked chassis from polulu. More to come!



Overview of the Drive function. Also my new IR-sensor 4-30cm arrived. Perfect for stair and other small objects sensing.




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Small question about your code: 

I don't get how the drive function works. Precisely, it's the time variable i don't get. Say you call Drive(025) the drive function jumps to "if direction==0" and time becomes 24, but once it reaches the end does it loop back from the start of the "Drive" function? If yes, then when does it come out of it (there's no return in the "if time==0" part).


I mean...no, why should it auto-loop. But then how does it wait the, say, 25 seconds called by the Drive(0, 25) command? 

Yes, the time function is quite obsolete actually :P

even if obsolete, i still don't understand how it works :=) 

or did you mean "it doesn't work" by saying it's obsolete? 

Yes, since It gives a new Drive command everytime it sees something, the timer wont reach the end. But it's not seconds, it's counting loops. Anyhow, it's kind of useless :P

Nice! I really like that chassis. What voltage/pwm are the motors running at in the video? Are the gearboxes very noisy, compared to say a solarbotics motor?

I have a similar drive function on my bot too, makes it easy saying mGo(LEFT, 300); etc etc.

at 0.25s it commit a mistake, it have to steer left but it go right.... :)

probably sensors scan (turret twist) is too slow compared to bot motion speed

IR and the ultrasound both have their advantages and disadvantages. Using them together will be unique.


How well does the chassis work? Does it go straight? How powerful is it?

It works very well, I'm really pleased with it. No it does not go 100% straight forward. It's more than enough powerfull for indoor use. :)
IR is definitely simpler. Sonar is more difficult, but when you do try it, tell me if it was any good and how easy it was to use. Those Maxtobotics are fairly new and look interesting :D

Those maxbotics all have an analog pin as well as PWM and rs232 level serial out. If you choose the analog they`re just as easy to plug in as an IR sensor.

I use the PWM though, just to save some analog in pins.