Let's Make Robots!

Yo! I bought a new book and it is...

(No spam here! No off topic posts here please!!! I don't want anyone after my life in LMR!)


A really good book, it's got schematics, photos, instructions and other cool stuff like "Using A DC Motor as an Input device/Dynamo".

I love this book, and I recommend it to all of you people here!

And in fact, I'd reccomend the entire series!

There's a special offer for a picaxe included with the book as well! (I don't need that offer, I use BS2)


This book I really recommend, it's got tutorials on motor control, combat balloon poping robots, Shape memory alloy arms, robot talking head and an elevator?

It's a really cool book, c'mon I think you'll all agree! Go buy it, borrow, take it, trade for it, spend your life's shavings for it, ask for it, get your friend to lend you some money for it, or steal it...

... No, no, don't steal it, just buy the book. It's awesome!


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Some of the books are good, others are a waste. For example "123 robotics experiments for the evil genius" is a waste, as some of the "experiments" arent even experiments in the first place. Also, it does not give you enough information about the projects, terrible spell checking, and overall a waste of money.
Well thats one book not to get.
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It looks like a cool book. I need to buy some more robot books to expand my knowledge. I think I will get this book!
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Good post, and also good books :)