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So I've been meaning to post this for a long time, sounds like a lot of folks on this particular forum have had issues with these folks, and sadly i am only one of them.


The actual store front is about an hour and a half drive from my home. Great i thought i'll go and pick it up, skip on paying shipping and get my toys in one day. I had my shopping list prepared, and it was a big one too, and headed down south to Pasadena, MD to the shop. I get there and even though the "store" has been about for a few hours, the front door is locked and i cant see or tell if anyone is inside at all. I leave, go drive around for a bit. About 15 minutes later i make my way back to the shop. same as before; the door is locked and the lights are not very bright, but i see a person!

Evil plans fill my mind as i think of all the super cool robots i will build to take over the world. Then the person comes and opens the still locked doors wide enough to take my shopping list from me. and returns a few moments later telling me they have none of the pieces i want. ( which were all listed as "in stock" on the website) but if i came back in about an hour someone else would be there who would be able to help me.

 Off i go again. Barely finding anything to keep myself occupied for an hour. I make my way back to the shop rather angry this time. I tap on the glass door with my car keys, and eventually the same woman answers the door, this time i ask to be let into the shop as it was getting rather loud on the street. She lets me in and i am clearly in a office for a web only store. I have no idea why they list a physical location at all. Before she has a chance to explain why one person carries their entire stock on picaxe starter kits, sonar range finders, tank tracks, and everything else i was looking for, the phone rings. Its the guy who doe carry all of this with him at all times. and great he wont be in for another hour. I explain how far away i live, how there is no way i can hang around and do nothing for another hour ( at least) and how I'll just order my stuff from sparkfun.

 I've always been a big supporter of local businesses. I dont mind paying more for a product from a small shop, not to mention the bonus of getting it the day i buy it and not waiting for it to be shipped. BUT wow, these guys have awful service, and totally no respect for the customer. Unless i somehow hear news of them shaping up a bit, I'll avoid them like the plague.


but if anyone ever wants someone to give them hell in person over a botched order, give me a ring. 

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Oh man where were you a month ago!
i must hve jsut stumbeled onto this site by then.... it was awful i had no idea how to navigate or anything.