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Polyplasticy goodness

Been rummaging around every local store in search for the perfect container for the M134 controls (read lunchbox)

And so after heavily customizing an ikea 'lunchable-accessories' box I happen upon one of my favorite mischellaneous electronics sites, the one where you put all the crap that really doesnt work in a shiny aerodynamic case that makes whatever whizzbang youve made look really professional, and as an added bonus make anyone operating it and not getting it to work feel like a complete idiot.

So after breaking the bankroll yet again I have enough shiny doodad containers to last...a few weeks. :D

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yeah ur right sorry, i should take more time and be more considerate
thanks :D no hard feelings, i hope, i was just feeling snappy that day
Don't feel bad I am just as confused about his posts. At first I thought he was a spambot because those usually dont make a lot of sense either.
oh ok and that other post ?
figure it out. i really don't think LMR needs any more jerks.
still got no  idea
He said buy those cases because they are good.
dont mean to be rude but every  post you make is a damn riddle ,i have no idea what your talking about.

*plot thickening goodness, that or I was just taking a few editorial liberties on the account of caffeine.

albeit I'm pretty sure I did a semi-thorough spellcheck, I can very well elaborate.

Polyplastic (the company that makes the shiny boxy goodness) make excellent containers for housing 

shiny diy debugging devices cellphones and or VHF transmitters in a fashion that makes the thing feel a bit more professional (even if its made up of paperclips and paper towels.)almost completely voiding the need to vacuum form and/or reinvent the lunchbox aproach.