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Busted motor contact? No problem

How to fix a broken motor contact
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While building my own 'Start Here' robot, I made a goof. I soldered on about 12 inches of 18 ga stranded wire to the motor contacts. Even though I reinforced it with shrink tubbing, while constructing the bot the over-long and over heavy wire ripped one of the motor contacts right off. Bummer.

So I removed the motor and tried to solder a lighter gauge wire right onto the tiny bit of contact that remained. No luck.

After some head scratching, I came up with a solution I liked so much, I almost wanted to use in on all my motor contacts (but not quite).

After trimming some plastic so I had as much of the contact exposed as possible, I took a single circuit board header pin, removed the plastic bit, and sunk it into the plastic right alongside the broken contact. Simply holding the pin in place with needle nose pliers and applying heat from a soldering iron was enough to sink the pin and anchor it in the plastic of the motor. Then I soldered the pin to the broken contact, and was done.

Now I just use a jumper wire with the female header pin to connect to that terminal.

There you go.

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I took a pin and use the soldering tool to melt the plastic (the little white plastic by the motor contacts). When the plastic was melted, I put the pin there and use soldered it. Then I used female-female header cables to connect the pin on the motor to the board. When I tried to progam it, the wheel wouldn't move. I only did this to one wheel though, do I have to connect them both for it to work? I really don't want to connect them both, because then I would have a hard time removing it if it doesn't work. Any ideas to why it doesn't move?

See my reply, here.

Pics posted!
I think pictures would lift this one! :)
Pictures are coming!