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Serial LCD Ideas

I was wondering about what I could do with a normal 16x2 serial LCD. Like what kind of projects do you think would be fun? A video game?

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Use your imagination!

  • Make a game? Sure! 
  • Make a robot face like CtC's Walter
  • Make a clock
  • Make a sensor display
  • Make a shirt with a message
  • Make a sign for your door
  • Fly a kite?
"Fun" is a subjective thing, think about why you bought the lcd in the first place. :)


hey thanks Thomas! A sign would be cool... Yeah and a clock too! Yeah, I am definitely getting a screen now. Endless possibilities. I hope my surplus place also carries a graphical one. Bouncing similey faces :D
I use one for outputing debug data at times. It's helpful in that respect when you want to not have it tethered to a comp and still be able to know whats goin on.
Is it possible to hook one up to the TX of my picaxe to read data?
Not sure, the debug command seems to send out a lot of data. You would need to make sure that the lcd is set up to recieve at whatever the tx out is, 4800 I think, and it the tx output speed can't be modified. so if you can't change the lcd to whatever settings you need, it may not work. It's still easier though just to do a serout since you can set up how the output will look in that command
Try alcohol... Or pot, whatever is your choice... One or the other should get you where you need to be in terms of ideas.
chris already sold me his beer variety pack! :P or should I say- "Chris' Best Beer Bargain" :D


 I'm assuming all that smoking is what got the Arduino into space!


I just got me a 4x20 LCD, lol so far I've scrolled some text and even danced with it! I've got it setup to run with the 4 Data pins(4-7) connected, I'm assuming that's why my LCD only let's me run half-LCD'd, having half of the datapins connected. I could be wrong, haha I'm a bit confused when it comes to code. It'll scroll the top line, skip the second line, and scroll on the third! Fail.. lol

 But I just bought a couple set of RF Transmitter/receivers from Seeedstudio, hopefully gonna use a pair of those and my old 168 chip, and use it for a wireless Crap-talker, so I can talk crap to anyone sitting upstairs :D

Perfect! Maybe as an April Fool's I'll stick it on my parent's door! Just I don't think it will really talk crap... not the smartest thing, but maybe an animation of some sorts...
shorts out components one by one, letting you get many more ideas then before. of course, the robot, smarter then us, would be seperate from the circuit of the shorting