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Explore an environment, create maps, take pictures, never get stuck.
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Tesla will be a multifunctional robot that will have priority tasks. Unlike other robots that will just "do" things, this robot will have tasks only if certain criteria are met. This means that tesla will be able to mimic life, in the way that we prioritize things. One such example of us prioritizing tasks, is shelter, food, and water. If those 3 things are not met we generally will not do other things.

 Tesla on the other hand, will prioritize obstacle avoidance, which means it will always look to avoid obstacles. Tesla will have 8 peripheral sensors on it, in the 8 basic directions: Up, down, left, right, upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right. This gives Tesla a excelent field of view for its environment.

Mapping will be further down the line in tesla. Tesla will also have a Camera mounted with a range finder. Then that entire assembly will be mounted on a servo. the range finder will pan left and right, sending the distances to the Master 4620. The master 4620 will then send the data via RS232 into a computer which will build a 2D map based on the distances. The camera will also take pictures of any feature that is within a close distance.


Entire assembly of camera and range finder





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Your project lends it self to "Fuzzy Logic" type processing.....

ie take in all the multiple environmental variables and act according to the multiple "stress systems" around.

The reactions would have to be "weighted" according to the Character of the robot - your robot could have multiple personalities (push button selected).

(i have already sketched some plans with regards to a "Fuzzy Logic" bot - but have no idea how to represent it).

PS. any chance of increasing the size of the pictures you posted.

Lol, the pictures are very small, I will add the full size pictures.

With soldering and impressive wire-ing looms like that it will be bomb proof ..... heres wishing you a good plunge into multi-tasking/multi-purpose bot arena.

My pencil is ready to take notes on how you tackle the 2D mapping........ (-: by the looks of it -  its ready for 3D mapping :-)

If we were 3D mapping we would have to have a way to raise and lower the range finder! That would be a whole different project... :)

When you route wires like that, it makes it much easier to fix something. I will do a tutorial for LMR so they can all build wonderful looking non spaghetti robots :D

Man, that board rocks! Like voodoobot said, very clean wiring. It looks like it's pretty much ready for anything, like it has a trimpot, regulator, the whole works! I think it should take pictures whenever it finds an object in a certain range of something, like a park bench or a statue. Or of course, a wall, which is probably what most of the pics will be. :D

That wiring layout actually looks pretty clean so far. Though you still have another proc still to wire up. Will the wiring for that one be an issue at this point?

No, as the 2nd 4620 has stuff mostly going to sockets. The bottom PIC is the Master and the top is the slave. The slave will handle a lot of output devices (LCD, speaker, etc) and the master handles a lot of the input devices (analog channels, etc).