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Okay, this is just a little "this vs. that" quiz so I can find out what you guys generally prefer. Vote PIC for PICs or PIC based devices like PICAXEs and ATMEL for ATMELs and stuff like Arduinos.

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Its like comparing apples and oranges. You can't say one is better over the other. I use Pics.
Yeah, I know. But this was just for the heck of it, just wondering what you guys like. I like PICs just cuz I started with them and I haven't seen an Atmel system that uses BASIC.

Availabe at: http://www.mcselec.com/

I've seen more than a few non-robot projects that use it.


Oh, and I'm AVR because of the free C/C++ compiler available for it.  Might try a PIC someday, though.



Hey, that's neat! I didn't know there were any BASIC compilers for Atmel. Must be a plot...
I'm on the atmel side, just cause I got several of the chips at the moment. though pic is always something I could try down the road.

I`m AVR.

+1 for a fantastic C compiler.

Just so you all know, you can grab a couple free sample chips from most chip companies. Trouble is you need those expensive programmers...
there not all expensive. Some are 10, others are 1000.

i still have to decide. For now i am using picaxe but for my next project i'll either switch to bare PICs (basic though, not assembler) or AVRs, not really sure which one to choose. I think it will depend on the amount of informations i find around the net.

I really like those picaxe-style datasheets that show all the commands you can use in one single pdf file, also found a similar thing for the PICs but still have to find them for AVRs. I'm not firmly settling down on PICs not because of the slower speed (1/4 compared to AVR) but because of the expensive compiler. 

There are free compilers out there. The student compiler for MCC18 is free, but after a while it limits the max program size. If you do decide to go with PIC I will help you select what you will need.