Let's Make Robots!

Fun books for Backyard Shenanigans

Not really robot related, but sometimes I get so frustrated with work I need to blow off some steam. Enter Backyard Ballistics, a great book that teaches you how to make spudguns, mini-catapults, and smallest of all, matchstick rockets.

This, and a few more books are written by William Gurstell, the man who had a website called backyard-ballistics.com, that sparked my brain into more research into amateury-ness.

I've only read Backyard Ballistics and Whoosh Boom Splat!, but both are awesome to have in the library for a plethora of weekend projects to make your S.O. swear and yell at you!

Later kids!


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Ive got that one. LOTS of fun projects... if I only had more land to play with the toys.

Yeah, kinda hard for me as well considering I'm in an apartment complex.

Just found out the hub's boss has a cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere, so the tinkering has started up again.

Well, cool good to hear that you're alive Zanth! But maybe not for long with the backyard booms.  Build a robot to set them off!