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Roaming arond making grumpy sounds

Finally RAT is finished.

A rainy summer day the last of the programming was completed.

The chassis is a piece of sewage pipe (previously unused), the weels are the "feet" from an old stereo amplifier, with hot glue for better traction. The bumper is plastic from the lid of an old paint bucket.

It´s movements are quite random, it uses one of the "ears" to get a random seed. The sounds are programmed on a serial EEPROM (that took a while to figure out), and there is one program to program the sounds (using the ears) and another program to run the robot. The ears are also used to tweek the sounds when the robot is running.

The board is home-made with an Atmega328 (using arduino-everything) and the eeprom is an 24LC64. It also contains a voltage regulator, so the power source can be virtually anything. Programming is made using a mini usb to serial converter (ugly, but it works)

This is my first robot, and really just a toy (the name means Ridiculous Autonomous Toy) to learn about electronics and programming. Never did any of those before. The goal is to make a autonomus lawn-mower because I dont like to now the lawn.

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I like it. Is the rear wheel just a caster?

Yes, here is a better photo to show that.


haha! R2D2 on drugs!

This is a really cool idea, using a piece of pipe as a robot body! Like the noises too, adds personality.

 What are the wheels and how are they mounted? Looks like you painted grippy stuff on, maybe silicon sealer or rubber cement.

The weels are the "feet" from an old stereo amplifier, and by a lucky coincidence they fitted precisely on the servo! Just some hot-glue to fix it. There is also hot-glue on the outside. Works perfectly for better traction.