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DAGU parts price list for LMR members only

I have now removed the pricelist as we now have distributors in Europe and America.

European customers can buy from: Arexx Engineering or Conrad.

American customers can now buy from Robot Shop.

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Yes and no, we could add the weight of all parts on the list but you would still not get an accurate price partly because the weight of the shipping box will vary with the size of the order and mostly because the postal / courier service we use may vary from time to time.

Hi to all,

I find the possibility of ordering things directly from dagu via oddbot and claudia very interesting, but i've heard about huge additional costs and possible problems whith odering from china (or other "far away" countries):

* costs for money transfer (my bank wants 25 EURO for telegraphic transfer)

* customs (further costs, maybe they block the packet anywhere)

* other risks (money can get "lost", things can get broke or are not delivered properly)

Has anybody experiences, solutions or at least illuminating thoughs about that?

In my case I would like to order for about 50 $ (=34 EUR) from austria in the EU and - though I'm not narrow-minded or anxious - I don't want to pay another 50 EURO or so for the money transfer, transport, customs etc. Is there an solution?

Please oddbot, this is not against you and your thankworthy service, but maybe there ist a solution out there that makes it even better.


christian from linz/austria

Hi Christian, I ordered a box of parts from Dagu recently and had no problems whatsoever. I payed via PayPal, which was very quick and easy. Claudia told me what the total price was including delivery beforehand, so the cost was no surprise (and very cheap too, compared to similar orders I've received from east asia). The package arrived in only a few days from placing the order, which is much faster than I normally receive deliveries since I'm down in New Zealand.

I highly recommend you get a PayPal account if you don't already have one - it simplifies international payments greatly.

I've only been hit with a customs import fee once, and on that occasion I was having over $800USD sent to me so I should have been more clever and split the package into two seperate parcels. The customs rules do vary from country to country, but I'd be very surprised if you had any trouble over a $50 order.

with some delay now a comment from the anxious buyer (see my original post above):

Everything worked fine! Payment, shipping, ... fast and without problems! Nice to get a parcel from china ;-)

thanks to oddbot and claudia!


The dc motors (item 12 and 13) are GEARED moters (ready to use on a robot)?

And they come in pairs (2.10$ for TWO)?

Sorry about all my questions. These should be the last ones before I order :)

They are $2.10 USD each. These are good quality gearboxes with a clutch on the output to prevent damage from excessive loads.


But then I read this comment you wrote earlier: "As for the motors, they are sold in packs of 2". That's why I suddenly didn't know what to think...

Anyway looking forward to receiving my order, like a child waiting for x-mas :)

Yes they are sold as a pack of 2 but when the pricelist was made they accidently put in the price of a single motor. We are correcting this. A new list will be posted soon.
Indeed they are, the plastic box between the motor and the output shaft houses a reduction gear train for much higher torque than you'd get from just the motor.

Hi Oddbot,


On item 19 - the wheels 4.4, 3.4, 3.3 and 6.5 I assume that the sizes are diameters in cm (not mm as used everywhere else) - you didn't answer ignoblegnome that I can see.  Also do these wheels come with the universal wheel hubs?