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DAGU parts price list for LMR members only

I have now removed the pricelist as we now have distributors in Europe and America.

European customers can buy from: Arexx Engineering or Conrad.

American customers can now buy from Robot Shop.

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Sorry, we will correct that, the dimensions are 38mm, 34mm, 33mm and 65mm. I will post the updated price list soon

I also iterested in if the wheels come with hubs? Can they be mounted on a d-shaped shaft?

wow awesome!!

Hey, OddBot,

Thanks for the updated list!

I think you have the dimensions wrong on the wheel pack (item 21). For example the wheel diameter for the first wheel is 4.4 mm. I think you mean 44 mm.

those are great prices on the gear motors!!!!
Yes and they can be driven easily with the new "Mr. Basic" motor controller PCB I posted in the component section.

If I might make a small suggestion - how about putting the date of the price list in the file name - it will make it much easier to tell if updated then.



I'll do that from now on.
That is great! Thanks, OddBot! :D I'm thinking of putting my hands on those solar cells...
You can order the solar cells together with your Mr Basic for combining the shipping cost.