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DAGU parts price list for LMR members only

I have now removed the pricelist as we now have distributors in Europe and America.

European customers can buy from: Arexx Engineering or Conrad.

American customers can now buy from Robot Shop.

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Yeah, I'm just thinking of ordering even more items... I will come back to you on email when I'm ready. Thanks :D
Nice there, our man in China!!

Is ordering still possible?

 Where can I find the wheel diameters?

Yes ordering is always possible. I will be posting a new price list tomorrow with a bigger range of parts. I will correct the missing diameters by then.

Hey, Oddbot.  Cheers from the US. 

Any word on that expanded range of DAGU parts?  I'm putting an order together.

We do have a new list but it was missing some information such as wheel diameters. I am waiting for it to be corrected before I put it up otherwise I will get a flood of emails asking me for more information :(
I demand more information about this lack of information.
I would be happy to give you more information on this lack of information but I am uninformed and require translation.
By the time I have had a good translation of the information it will be too late as the new information will have been posted at this station.
As for the motors, they are sold in packs of 2, so I asume you want 3 packs, 6 motors in total?

Shipping cost is dependant on the weight of the order so I cannot tell you a precise cost untill we have the order packed and ready to be shipped. Since international exchange rates change from day to day I can only tell you what the motors cost today.

When you email me an order then I will let you know the price.