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Tom Judd's Eyebrow hat



"I produced this hat as half of my final body of work for my MA in Animation. The concept came about whilst thinking about botox users and their wonderfully emotionless faces. The eyebrow hat allows its wearer to express themselves by altering the pitch and height of each synthetic brow using the lightweight controller. The result is a dignified look that friends and family will admire

 Technical Stuff
- 1 x Arduino Board - located within the controller
- 4 x mini servos - tailored into the front of the hat
- 2 x slide potentiometers (adjust height of each brow)
- 2 x rotational potentiometers (adjust pitch of each brow)
- 1 x Bowler hat
- 2 x synthetic eyebrows
- 2 x skin coloured plasters (to disguise your original brows)"

(embed vimeo doesn't work, so see the video here)


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Ok, that's strange. May use it at a costume party.