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Note to myself

void begin_note(void) {

printf ("Always use the same damn pinout when having multiple motor controllers ... youuuu IDIOT !!/n");

printf("Or you'll just waist a lot of time scratching your damn TinHead!!/n");

printf("At least comment your lousy code ... wannabe programmer you ..../n");



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Debugging problems? I was wondering when we were going to see Valkyries next test. Have you tried cutting acrylic or aluminium yet?

Still having some issues like:

- sometimes the i2c bus or one of the motor controllers get's stuck - one thing to debug but it does not do it all the time

- it is "printing"in reverse - fixed that last night

- motors get hot because I'm overdriving them, does not seem to affect them tough

So I was trying to debug the i2c thing last night, but in the process of updating the controller software to blink a led while i2c communication, so I can see if the problem is with the bus or the controller itself motors started going crazy. After about an waisted hour I remembered that I had used a different connection for the stepper motor on the X axis controller .... booo.

Did not get to test any other material than wood but acrilyic should work, not so sure about aluminium. I'm afraid not to brake the milling bits, I managed to destroy two already.