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High-End Radio Gear

My remote control car met the end of its life last week. (smashed into a wall...) So, i salvaged everything i could, and found some interesting stuff:

A Motor Controller

Transmitter/Reciever (can control 2 servos)

5 batteries, ranging from 1500 to 2000 mAh

I also had lying around:

2 radio transmitters

a second switch for the motor controller


I need:

-arduino proto shield

-lots and lots and lots of polymorph. like a shoebox full. a shoebox from someone with canoes for feet.

you dont need to trade all of the things, likewise, you dont need to take all of my stuff either.


Motor_Controller.JPG1.45 MB
Transmitter.JPG1.27 MB
Reciever.JPG1.43 MB
Transmitter_and_Reciever.JPG1.36 MB
5_Batteries.JPG1.84 MB
Switch.JPG1.24 MB
All_of_It.JPG1.3 MB

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i'll give you the motor controller for the nunchuck

whats the gear boxes?


1 wii nunchuck with conector cut brought out to pins

2 gear boxes for 130 sized motors

random other crap