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DC motor question

I was walking through Lowes the other day, and found this great trash can that looked like a robot to me. I was able to pick it up for super cheap!! What I want to do is add two DC motors to the bottom and a caster wheel. I want to make this robot carry my books around school for me. I am lugging more text book weight than I ever did in the Army with my ruck sac. My physics book alone is killer.

Trash Can

Where could I find some DC motors and wheels that do not cost a fortune that would be able to go on this, and carry the weight? I like the ones I saw on Parallax ( http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/MotorServos/tabid/163/CategoryID/57/List/0/Level/a/ProductID/507/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName%2cProductName ) but those cost more than what I want to spend for this project.

 I would like to make this "follow me" but I am not sure how to go about that yet with the Arduino. So my backup plan is to possibly embed a remote into the strap of my backpack.

My books will go on the inside of this. I was thinking I could power this with one of my 12v Vespa scooter batteries.

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I was thinking of a similar bot. I teach college electronics and have a rolling cart I want to motorize to follow me.

I was thinking about local wheel chair companies. I think for a school or for a student, one of them might donate a set of wheels and a battery from an old wheel chair.

The "follow me" part: I have some students experimenting with the wireless transmitter/receiver. They are trying to rig a BOE Bot (www.parallax.com) to follow them around. Human would carry the transmitter and the robot will scan around with the receiver and try to move the robot to the source.

I've got a similar trashcan, round though, that is meant for a robot.

These motors from All Electronics have a ready made wheel, but are pretty slow, but fairly torquey and low current.

I think I might have found a few items at Electronic Goldmine
Check The Electronic Goldmine or All Electronics or that other place that I can't think of its name... (I know, that doesn't help. If I think of it I'll edit ;)