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Battery charger (method) for lead acid battery

Hi all,

Got my hands on 4 of these babies battery

They were for free so i have to use them:-) Would like to have 12V and as much power as possible so I was thinking of this setup:


QUESTION 1: can I just charge this whole thing with a suitable chargers as if it is one big 12V 20Ah battery or do I have to do something differently?

QUESTION 2: they are meant to be used as UPS battery backups (in this case a breathing machine for a hospital). Would that matter for use in a robot?

Cheers YCD

P.S. dont worry... these batteries were not taken from a breathing machine in operation ;-)

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Good find, Yuasa batteries are excellent. We had to install about 1000 of these in mobile phone antenna site backup systems. Only they were 12v 100A (I think, this was 4 years ago) and weighted 44kgs each (I remember how much they weighed VERY well..)

If you are making your own charger it`s good to put in a discharge circuit as well to help balance them but even without there should be no problems charging it as one big battery.

Yeah, after some research came to the conclusion that the discharge circuit is necessary or very wanted.

Thanks Ezekiel!


P.S. just on a side note.... your photo... what in the world is your face wedged in between? It looks like your going to be swallowed by an alien.... It's just that the happy smiley face  suggests different!