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PICAXE exchange

I have wanted to start on my automatic trash can. I ordered a PICAXE - 08 but, i just found out it can't control servos. I have a servo that controls the lid so i'm in big trouble. So I ask you guys. Anybody have the PICAXE-08M so I can send you a PICAXE-08 plus $1 ( cause it's $1 more expensive). just a little exchange via mail. If you can do it. tell me and we will continue contact through e-mail. 

Cause I already ordered a group of parts from solarbotics and if I want the PICAXE 08M, I have to pay $10 instead of 4 because of the crazy shipping fee.

Please help 



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I am kind of curious. I have never used the PICAXE myself and am thinking of starting. I know most Micros cannot directly control servos, or most DC motors, because of current restrictions. Why exactly can the PICAXE not control servos? Couldn't you just get an H-Bridge Driver to control it from an output pin?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, just trying to learn.

-Michael Morris

The "servo" term can be confusing at times. Amateur robot builders generally mean it to be an RC servo, that is used in model airplanes, cars, etc. These "servos" have an h-bridge already and read a small 1 to 2 ms pulse on their signal wire, to position the output accordingly. A micro can generally generate these signals directly. Industrial use of the term "servo" generally means some type of fractional horsepower DC motor that requires some sort of external motor controller, to interface with a micro or other controlling hardware.

The PICAXE 08 can control servo's using timed loops like many other micros.

 Servos do not draw thier power form the micro, but rather generally use a separate power supply.

The PICAXE 08 just does not have a built in Servo command in BASIC. The PICAXE O8 is an obsolete chip and has been rwplacd with the PICAXE 08M.

Look at the BASIC command manual (on the Rev_Ed website) under Servo. On the left side of the paf=ge is a list of of the PICAXEs that have the servo command.


I don't know how to make timed loops. I need to trade the PICAXE with someone. I like the easier way to say:

servo 0, 75

pause 2000

servo 0, 150

pause 2000