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The best way to manage 2A motors.

Hi all, i'm wondering how i can control a motor with 2A current flow at 6Volts. I'm hacking a toy and the motors that make it to move requires that current... so i can't proceed to my plan A: the L293DNE, because it manages a maximum of 1.4A.

I don't know if exist a similar chip but wiht a higer current limit.

If You have ideas for that... PLEASE HELP ME!

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Check out the L298 from ST. Says "total dc current up to 4A". The HN variety (Horizontal, means the leads are bent 90 degrees) may be able to be free sampled too.
Nice chip... but 2A in DC for EACH CHANNEL means for each pair of outputs (Out1+2, Out3+4)?

Ya, I think it's 2A per channel, so it should handle 2x 2A motors (with a good heatsink).

You could also "double up" the chip, and just run one motor per l298. That way you'd have some overhead and not be pushing the max rating (and possibly be able to use a smaller  heatsink).

How many of these motors do you need to run?

edit = You said they're from a toy. What did they do in the toy, and what did the manufacturer use? You may be able to just re-run the existing parts.

edit2 = Found it! Check out GroG's H-Bridge Matrix page.

Yes, I used those before, I got 2 of them for free. They're really nice. There is tons of information about them on this site and there is also a specific motor driver based on the L298: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2037 it's only $19.00 USD!

The L293E can handle up to 2A, but if you can't find any of those, or any similar higher current drivers you could:
• Run several L293DNE or similar in parallel to give you enough current supply.
• Build your own driver using discrete BJT/MOSFET transistors.

I was thinking to the 1st option too.

Thx a lot!