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The Caterpillar

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The caterpillar robot is available as both an AVR and Picaxe based robot. The picaxe version can be bought from Revolution Education and various picaxe distributors. The AVR version can be bought from Arexx Engineering.


The caterpillar robot is the very first robot from the LMR website to be mass produced. As such, the LMR logo is on the box.

This is the first of hopefully many LMR robots to be mass produced. Frits's YDM and SplatBot MkII will also be produced.

18 Aug 2009: Here is a manual for the assembly of the caterpillar. The images are low resolution to keep the file small.

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I managed to upload the caterpillar's manual. I linked it from the main article as well.


Thanks Rik, hopefully people will feel happier about paying for it if they can read the manual first.

Well done Odd, seeing how much is involved, even just how the packaging is laid out, it didn't take long to go from your first one to it being available to the masses. Well done.


Having the LMR logo on a factory-built robot kit is really a great achievement !


where shall I place my order?? 

...shes DAGU's account on here
or OddBot, as stated above
Does the chip come with a bootloader preloaded?
Its picaxe they all come with the bootloader preinstalled since you can't install it yourself.
And the AVR option?
At the moment, Arexx is developing the AVR version but I am thinking it would be nice to make an Arduino version using an Arduino pro mini.