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The Caterpillar

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The caterpillar robot is available as both an AVR and Picaxe based robot. The picaxe version can be bought from Revolution Education and various picaxe distributors. The AVR version can be bought from Arexx Engineering.


The caterpillar robot is the very first robot from the LMR website to be mass produced. As such, the LMR logo is on the box.

This is the first of hopefully many LMR robots to be mass produced. Frits's YDM and SplatBot MkII will also be produced.

18 Aug 2009: Here is a manual for the assembly of the caterpillar. The images are low resolution to keep the file small.

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Very slick. Although I have seen other 'caterpillar' robots around, they're typically just employing some pretty mechanical designs, and really only have two degrees of freedom.

How many servos all up? Seven?

if the site admins can put techno music and cool colors on, it would be awesome! and we could all sing happy birthday to oddbot!

very cool odd...

Nice :D
Bloody hell that's awesome! Good job mate, must be quite cool to see your project in a box like that one.

Wow all your hard work has paid off - i am well impressed.

I wish you "Great Fortune" and many Caterpillar offsprings.

This must be the worlds first robotic kit of its type.

I think it is. I have seen a centipede kit on this site and on youtube made from metal and a plastic caterpillar made from parts produced on a 3D printer but I think this is the first mass produced robot kit of it's kind.
Just congrats dude!!!!
There has been a lot of hard work put into this by the staff at DAGU. Special thanks goes to Gao, who did the mechanical re-design, Chen who designed the PCB's, A Zhong for the artwork on the box and the manual and my translators Cong and Jessie for patiently explaining everything. Last but not least a big thanks to Jack for giving me this opertunity :D