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The Pulse - 2009w32

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Summer Time

And the livin' is easy. Well, on my hemisphere anyway. It's been "4 weeks 1 day ago" since I had my last "100% fix".

I call it the "One Step Program" to quit my "read everything habit". And I like it. But The Pulse is suffering.

by Manet


Russell's latest update from China woke me up today.

DAGU (which now incorporates Oddbot) launches the official "Caterpillar Robot Kit"! DAGU is now producing the caterpillar in series. But you would be wrong in thinking the caterpillar is the LMR robot design with the most copies crawling around in the world.

Think about it. The "Start Here Robot" has got a big lead. Just count the many robot pages that cite the start here as the design source. That pillar's got some serious multiplying to do!

And I trust it will.

By the way, I think the Yellow Drumming Machine is second in the list of "most replicated LMR models". Mostly replicated by Frits. But Oddbot and DAGU are going to change that as well.

designer: Russell Cameron



This robot is highly specialized. It climbs stairs. The stairs at its maker's house specifically. And it does only that.

It has been finely tuned in size and weight distribution, so that is can climb each step of those stairs on friction alone. An amazing accomplishment. Totally useless. Just the way I like 'm!

The Climber

Creative Cooperation

The peeps on LMR are at it again. This time the cooperation is in the form of a brain storm about cheap DIY tilt sensors. Just you wait (or join in) until these puppies are available at a special LMR price! You know where to look...

Not Rik's squares this time!

Fish are jumping

While I am enjoying the relative ease of not working and not writing and not doing anything mentionable at all, others are working their hineys off. More specifically, 812 Rudolph is working very hard behind the scenes to prepare a new and improved LMR website for us all.

Now, this improved site will not protect us against components posted as robots or against newbie questions in the shoutbox or anything horrible like that. But it will give us plenty of opportunities to finally do all the little things we had on our wish list for a long time.

Like visible tags for example. Or a search engine that does not suck. Or a components section that will actually help you find your stuff. Or the ability to flag robots/tags/people that you like even more than all the others. And then come back and only visit the stuff that you really like. Even if it's new stuff. Or a shoutbox history page that goes way back.

Or a special page where we praise people like Rudolph.


Final thoughts

symmetry is overrated - overrated is symmetry


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<stops twitching> AHHH a new pulse... mmmm

Oh yes, rikkyrikkie!! You truly make the site!

Not (just) because I was mentioned in about 50% of this edition, but I think this was one of the better pulses. Simple, short, so I did not feel sorry for you writing it, but still felt embraced by your mature nursery. I am not quite sure what that means, but understanding the language you write is overrated.

Thanks, it feels so good that you are out there writing to and about us!

PS: Fuck me, I am so emotional these days.  But its true!

rik, I am crazy about you!

I really like this community!