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PIC and PICkit Problems

I just began to tackle bare PICs again with the 12F509. Simple baseline stuff. Just for good measure as to whether or not I remembered what the hell I was doing, I tackled the task of turning on a LED. :p I used the following user code:


start      ; begin user code

movlw b'000010'      ; set GP1 to output

tris     GPIO      ; move literal from W to tris

movlw b'111101'      ; set GP1 to high

movwf GPIO      ; move literal from W to GPIO

goto $       ; loop forever

END      ; Fin


Simple! I used the PICKIT 2 programmer and the LPC board and tried, both with MPLAB and PICKIT 2 software, to burn the code into the 12F509. Well the LED turned on, but it responds the pot on the LPC board. I don't know why. I'm pretty sure I turned on an LED with the 12F509 with the LPC board without this happening before...

 Any thoughts? 



Edit: 08.04.09 0208


What the code is meant to say it this:

movlw b'111101'  ; configure GP1 as output

tris  GPIO  ; move data from W to tris  

movlw b'000010'  ; set GP1 high

movwf GPIO   ; move data from W to register GPIO

goto $           ; repeat indefinetly 


After suggesting the that pot could be connected to GP1, I tried using GP2 instead...well...GP1 was still high and lighting the LED which still responded to the pot. I tried clearing all of the bits, setting them all as inputs, and still the LED is lit up.

Before I bug anyone else about this issue, I'm going to check my wiring. 



Edit: 08.04.09 0227


Well this is quite an awkward situation. My wiring was wrong. I had my LED connected to GP0 instead of GP1. 

Also, I found that RA1 (Where the 12F509's GP0 is connected) on the LPC demo board is connected directly to the pot and responds directly to applied voltage whether or not a PIC is installed.


Anyway, I guess let's look at the bright side and try to learn a lesson from this. 
  • Don't forget that microcontrollers require software (code) and hardware (wiring) so it's important to check both for bugs 


Thanks for the help Telefox, and sorry for wasting your time. 




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"movlw b'111101'      ; set GP1 to high"
You're setting GP1 to ouput low here (in contrst to what the comment says), so I assume that because your LED does in fact light up, you've connected it from V+ to GP1?

As far as the trimpot affecting the LED, is it possible the trimpot's wiper terminal is connected to GP1, which on other micros is one of the analog inputs?

My bad, I meant:

movlw b'000010;

movwf GPIO 

I should have just copied and pasted :\

Look at the edit for more info 

No problem, if my suggestion helped you find the problem a little faster then I wouldn't consider it a waste of time.