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how to modify an Hs-55 micro servo to act like a GM10 motor

Hi all,

 I planned to use the HS-55 micro servo for my YDM-clone, but after playing a while with an arduino, it's seems that it's not fast enough to achieve nice rythm patterns...

Do you know if there is a way to modify it to speed it? (Maybe removing the electronics or something)

if not, do you know other good alternative  to GM10 motor? as I can't find any resellers in europe  (and i don't want to pay shipping cost from UIS that double the price of those tiny motors).

Thanks in advance

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Opening the servo body and connecting the motor wires directly would do the trick. It wouldn't become a GM10, but you'd be able to run it like a nomal motor...

Ok, thanks. Maybe I'll try. but in the meanwhile I've bought pololu micro geared motor that seems to do the job.


Thanks again.