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Water Present Sensor?

I seem to have a lot of water on my floor... From accidental uncleaned spills or melting dropped ice cubes. My last bot went over un unseen puddle of water and guess what... it died. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheap sensor that could detect water or even a way to make one. Thanks in advance.

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Here is a neat circuit DampDetector

Good for detecting damp on the walls too. And for little messages left by Pets

Messages! :)



Put a sponge bumper around your robot.

Or test your robots out in another room. (Not the bathroom.)

i could put a sponge but that sort of defeats the purpose for me. i dont run my bots in the bathroom by the way.

Ok yes you may not beleive me but look it up

only salt water is conductive. But since humans have salt on their skin any liquid because a little slaty with our touch. However i think water may conduct a bit but i dont know for sure.

Put salt on the wires
Lol, not really much of a permanent solution =D
I'm pretty sure all water will conduct, just not as well depending on the type(ionized, unfiltered, etc).
Distilled water is supposed to be non-conductive. It has to be absolutely pure though. It's all the extra BS in the water that's conductive.