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Is it possible to walk with only one servo?



i will make my start here robot, but while i wait for the weels/ ir sensor and motors, i only have a servo, the picaxe board and chip, and a few pieces of wire and metal.


do you think it is possible to make a servo walk/crawl with just this?




In the first video i made it walk, but it only works on top of paper... it has some "claw" shaped ends in the metal legs so it kind of works... :p


i made a second try and also recorded a video... this one has cardboard legs with rubber "feet" a piece or metal wire under the servo to make it slip and balance a little bit. This one can move in more surfaces than the first version... it works reasonably well in paper, wood and glass

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I'm sure it can but unmodified the servo can't move in a full circle so the robot would go forward and then backward. Effectivly not going anywhere except a little forward and a little backward.

yep, thats what i thought...

i tried attaching one "leg" to each side of the servo and shape the leg ends like a claw so it will slip when the leg goes forward and not when it goes back... making the "robot" pull itself forward.


it works sometimes if it is on a surface that favor it... like a paper sheet :) 

I can't see the video from work I didn't know there was a video. what a great first project! Always start small and work your way up otherwise you will get burned out quickly.
It's possible, check out this robot who does exactly that: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1888

Hey, that's really clever the way you made it walk in the video.  Do you think you could improve the feet, so that when they slide forward they have less friction, and when they slide backward they have more? You could mess with the geometry of your existing legs, or try something more complicated using a pivot.


In the picture above, the pivot allows the foot to roll forward onto the low friction slidey surface when the leg moves forward. When the leg moves back, it catches the edge of the high friction grippy surface and rotates the pivot so you get more traction.



That's a nice idea, if i get some time i will try to implement it :).

added another video with a second try... it does not have an advanced design with pivot but it does have a grippy surface... so it works better in slipery surfaces as well