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Romeo-All in one Arduino Controller with Motor Driver

Vendor's Description: 

The DFRobot Romeo All-in-one Microcontroller is based on the ATMega168 20AU chip and is designed as an extension of the basic Arduino board. The DFRobot Romeo All-in-one Microcontroller includes both female pin headers for each pin and standard 3-pin connections, allowing you to easily connect sensors and other 3-wire devices. The board also includes an L298 Motor driver, allowing you to drive two DC motors between 7-12V and <1A each.

It is fully compatible with Arduino IDE. To program the Romeo, select Arduino Nano or Dumilnove will be fine.

• Based on Atmega168-20AU
• 6 push buttons
• 14 Digital I/O (pins 0 to 13) 8 Analog I/O (pins 0 to 7)
• PWM pins: 3, 55, 6, 9, 10, 11 3.3V, 5V, AREF and GND pins
• USB interface ISP headers
• 3 Different power options
• Romeo supply voltage: 7-12V Srew terminals for motor supply

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