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Romeo-All in one Arduino Controller with Motor Driver

Vendor's Description: 

The DFRobot Romeo All-in-one Microcontroller is based on the ATMega168 20AU chip and is designed as an extension of the basic Arduino board. The DFRobot Romeo All-in-one Microcontroller includes both female pin headers for each pin and standard 3-pin connections, allowing you to easily connect sensors and other 3-wire devices. The board also includes an L298 Motor driver, allowing you to drive two DC motors between 7-12V and <1A each.

It is fully compatible with Arduino IDE. To program the Romeo, select Arduino Nano or Dumilnove will be fine.

• Based on Atmega168-20AU
• 6 push buttons
• 14 Digital I/O (pins 0 to 13) 8 Analog I/O (pins 0 to 7)
• PWM pins: 3, 55, 6, 9, 10, 11 3.3V, 5V, AREF and GND pins
• USB interface ISP headers
• 3 Different power options
• Romeo supply voltage: 7-12V Srew terminals for motor supply

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Just curious, is this set up so you can plug a servo in?

It can support upto 2A each way.  As there are no heat sink fitted, with 2A current, it will make the chip quite warm.  

 But for short time usage, it should be no problem at all. 

 I suggest that you buy Romeo as it is relatively cheaper, and compared with traditional duemilanove, it has extra 2 analog input.   

The Romeo has been evolved.  It is upgraded to 328P version which has double memory size. 
I am curious about the 1A motor rating. The L298P is capable of 2A per motor. Is this because no heatsink is fitted?
You are right. As there is no heat sink, it is not recommended to drive 2A motor, as it will burn the chip.  For 1A motor, it is no problem at all.

Goog morning!

sorry for my english, i'm french.

i would like know why there is writing 2A per motor for the romeo  here http://droboticsonline.com/ebaydownloads/RoMeoManual.pdf

it's 1A per motor for romeo 168 and 2A per motor for romeo 328 or 1A for both. thank's


please could you help me?

i'm novice in robotic, and to start i have bought  the dfrobot 4WD mobile platform and now  i must buy my microcontroller, but i have two choices :

I would like know if it's better to buy the romeo all in one or to buy duemilanove whith sensor and motor shield for to start.


Will do it together with A4WD mobile platform and Bluetooth.

About time a board like this came out.

Why don't you make a project like the "start here" robot with this? We can feature it in the top menu!

Why only the 168? A couple of bucks more and you get the 328...

Otherwise, a nice and interesting board. :)