Let's Make Robots!

It soon is time to have another LMR skype social weekend!

Yes, yes.

Will you get drunk, and join in? Theme will be telling people long tales about what you do when you are not making robots.

No one sticks to the theme anyway.

However, the word "Hello" is prohibited, anyone saying it will be kicked off the line.

Do you have a fast connection, can you host?

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I'm in!
i think i'll be able to join!

Holy cow, I need to hang out more often.

I'll try to join, just lemme know when!

Will be there if I can...can you say "how YOU doin?!"

Spot the "Joey" fan, huh?


Im in

Looks like I'll be reinstalling Skype then...
Keep us posted on the whens and wheres.

As long as it's not 5am like the last one, I'm in.

Hawaii. thats all i have to say. its halfway between USA and China. we could buy out a cheap motel, and have LMR-Convention!


also, if i can swipe my dad's mike, im in.(just dont tell him...) XD!