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Wall racer


 This is my first post here, and i've never made a robot before.
I'm a secundary school student in BELGIUM, i'm studying maths and sciences.
In two years i'll go studying civil engineer.

I would like to make a robot, and the wall racer looks awesome to a newbie like me.

But, is it recommended to start with such thing, or is that too difficult ?
And what costs it to make one wall racer car ?


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Hi and welcome.

If you read the "how to make a wallracer-tutorial" - you will read in the beginning that it suggests that you should start with something like the "Start here", from the top-menu. 


Flashing LEDs are the way forward. If you can lfash an LED, you can do ANYTHING with a microcontroller. Subscribe to this and I promise I'll show you how to do it in a 10 line assembler program sometime soon.

Hey - competition on "Where to start"? :D

We will have to change the "Start here"-link to a page that says "Welcome, here are a list of walkthroughs for newbees, select your path"..!

That page could have a nice name like ..makerobots.com/start as well! 

This may sound silly but I think most of us started with just a blinking LED. --Small steps my friend. 

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

Yes, me too! LED's.. and then a speaker! It was a blast to make them blink and beep!


To be honest, i have read that it's better to start with something small.
But i hoped that you would day: ok, you can start with a wallracer, it's going to work...

NO, i would only be treating myself.

I'll start with a little led robot...
But i don't understand what it can do... so, it can ride ? and when it see's a wall it stops and turns ?
Can you give me some more explanation, or where can i find that ?

Greetz !

It can do what you want it to do, boy :) That is the deal. These are home made robots, and you are about to make one :)

People often ask me "Can it do this and that"? Well.. it is a matter of giving it the instructions, you know :) I even think I have put some suggestions in the bottom. And there are II and III in the how-to.. So this answer of "what can it do?" can be a very long one ;) 

Ok =)

Uuhm maybe a stupid question but where can i find the how-to
And where are those suggestions in the bottom ? 

I think it's because of i'm not very good at english that i can't find it.

No i'm going to sleep, tomorrow i have my last examination and then 2  months no school ( Robo time =) )


Top menu -> "Start here"