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RP5 Tracked Chassis Yellow

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This durable tracked chassis is a complete robot base for your tank-like robot. With a battery holder, two DC motors, and two independent geared drive trains included, this chassis is just a robot controller and some sensors away from a complete robot. This chassis is yellow.

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"This chassis is yellow". I love a good discribtion like that.

And to those interested in history;

* Pololu sells me Yellow tracks

* I make Yellow Drum Machine with those

* LMR gets quite some exposure, YDM was initiating the original work later to dominate LMR

* DAGU enters LMR, Hires OddBot that they meet on LMR, makes him make YDM

* DAGU makes Yellow chassis-versionfor the project

* The above chassis is yellow.. because Pololu get's parts from DAGU



And BTW; The RP5 is very well made!! I can only recomend it. I get no comission, but I got some samples, and it really is worth the USD 50 IMHO.

It has that nice "chinese sound of effective" to it; Good strong motors, well geared, ZZZEEEEEEEE! And lots of nice litle details - made by people who knew about building robots! You will need a motor controller, it draws some amps!