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NiCd discharge question

i have any questions about the topic


when a nicd cell have to be recharged? i am taking about voltage... 1,15v? 1,10v? 1,05v? 1,00v?  per cell

i have a 3xcell batt pack in a bot , the system self recharge when the voltage reach 3,4v, so 1,13v  per cell

is it an insufficient discharge? which can bring to lazy effect?


assuming that X is the ideal voltage per cell  to decide to recharge..... have i to read X  when the battery is under load or when it isunder no load.

I am asking this question because i have noticed that a almost discharged cell have very hi internal resistence so, it can provide 1,2 volts with no load and 0,9 volts when under load... so i am confused about this behaviour because i do not know in whick condition i have to read the voltage in order to decide is go or not for a reload.....

 anyway the problem is that under full load tha batt pack have not to drop under 3,4v, so i fear i amgoing for lazy efffect issue, 

yep the time between 2 consecutive reloads is dropping every time :\

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Hi noise, if you want to charge early so the battery voltage doesn`t go below 3.4v during running but are worried about losing battery life build a discharge resistor into the charging circuit or bot.

I would read the battery voltage without load.