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A simple Wall-E robot I converted from a toy that had a tethered remote control. Doesn't do anything fancy but is cute. I wanted to do it as a challenge to see if I could fit it all in a small space.

There is a bump switch on the front that theoretically should make the robot reverse and turn but currently it's not very effective. It just hits the object and keeps running into it.

 The bumper switch is also used to turn it on and off by holding it down.


I bought the toy at a car boot sale for £1. I'll try and dig out the box but check ebay. It only goes forward and when it reverses it turns. This design means there is only one motor so doing any kind of accurate "robot stuff" is tricky. It could with time and patience be turned into two seperate motors but I did not feel it was worth it. I wanted to keep costs and time down.

 I found this which is basically my project 1000 times better. However, my version is cheaper and took less time but really that one is amazingly cool! Using servos and getting rid of the motor  is a good move as it would free up a heck of a lot of valuable space. If I found another of these little toys I would probably go for a similar design.


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that's sweet! where did you get the wall-e toy? I ask only because i'm going to have to copy you.
I updated the description and will add some more stuff soon. Good luck with your own build and send me a message when it's done.
Nice job, Wall-E is my favourite robot

nice :D

now, make a terminator :D

not an easy task to fit all those electronics inside the small case!!

very funny little fellow!!!  good job!  ;)