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My first robot

Hey , first ill introduce myself . i am a 17 year old student at a local 6th form in nottinghamshire . I have a great interest in Computers and would love to learn more . i have spent my last year working in a computer repairs shop part time for some money but sadley this closed down due the retirment of the owner so i am currently out of money .

I enjoyed what i did and created my own top of the range pc and love helping friends family and anyone else with problems they may ask me .

I have been looking for a new hobby as i am out of the job and have spair time when i am not at the gym or at 6th form and saw this website ( amazing by the way ) which really made me want to get involved. I do not have a great knowledge of programing or scripts but i would love to learn and understand how they work .

I went on to the start here tab and am going to start to buy the parts and hopefully get then in one bulk .


But a few questions before i start ( sorry this post is so long , about given my life story XD )

1. What size wheels would you recommend for this robot ? would this little bundle be any good ? http://www.hobbyengineering.com/H1416.html

 2. it says not to get the SRF05 first as it is harder to script , but to save me money for the future and the P&P on this item do you think it is possiable that a Newcomer such as my self would be able to get this up and running without no major problems ?

Well thanks for the help much appreciated and thankyou for letting me join the site :D

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1) The wheels are excactly the ones I used on the video :) SO yes, they will do!

2) I see no problem in you using SRF05 the first time! There is plenty of documentation also on this site on how to make it work!

3) In the future, when asking something regarding a certain post - please ask at the post. You see, this way others can find the info as well. If someone had the same questions as you, how would they know to look in here, when the main post is where they are looking? :)


Thanks a lot, and very welcome! I'd whish I could be 17 and build my first robot! 

Ok no problem , thats my bad for not reading properley .

Well just hope i can make one that comes out ok and works . you should be smiling you inspired me with your creations . =]

I am smiling, as I am VERY sure you can make one, following that tutorial. And it is good fun! :D